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Pokemon GO Shiny Wooper Guide: How To Catch Shiny Wooper And Evolve into Shiny Quagsire

One of the many Pokemon who's evolution is just as cute as before.

Wooper is a great Pokemon to pick up early on, even just to have it in your Pokedex!

Keep reading to find out how to get one and evolve it!

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Shiny Wooper Guide

Where To Find Shiny Wooper

Shiny Wooper can be found in the wild, rainy and sunny/clear conditions will increase the number of encounters you have.


They can be found in as well as Research Encounters and Raids.

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How To Evolve Shiny Wooper To Shiny Quagsire

Shiny Wooper is okay but you may want to take it a step further.

Evolving Wooper will create Quagsire.

You'll need 50 Candy.

If you have enough select it and you'll have a Shiny Quagsire.