Pokemon GO Shiny Litleo Guide: How To Catch Shiny Litleo And Evolve To Shiny Pyroar

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Many players don't really put the time into hunting down Shiny Pokemon.

Simply because it isn't much different from their regular counterparts.


Well, we think they look cool anyway, so maybe you want a Shiny Litleo?

Who wouldn't, it's adorable. Here's how and also how to evolve it into Pyroar!

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Shiny Litleo Guide

Your chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon might not be the highest.


Although it's still worth looking out for them as you go on about your normal gameplay!

Where To Find Shiny Litleo

Shiny Litleo can be found in the wild.

As well as that they can be found in Raids and Research Encounters.


Find them in 2km Eggs too!

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How To Evolve Shiny Litleo To Shiny Pyroar

Interested in a Shiny Pyroar?


Turns out you can actually get a male or female version.

Grab 50 Candy and feed it to your Litleo.


You should now have yourself a female or male Pyroar!