Pokemon GO Shiny Fennekin Guide: How To Catch Shiny Fennekin And Evolve To Shiny Braixen And Delphox

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Fennekin, the cute little Fire Pokemon.

We love it and we love its Shiny form even more.


Here's how to catch one as well as how to evolve it into Braixen then Delphox.

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Shiny Fennekin Guide

Just like regular Pokemon, certain ones can be rare.


They're especially rare when Shiny.

Though keep at it and you may get one!

Where To Find Shiny Fennekin

Shiny Fennekin can be found in the wild like many Pokemon.


There's a higher chance for Fennekin to spawn in sunny/clear weather.

They can also be found in 5km Eggs, Research Encounters and Raids.

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How To Evolve Shiny Fennekin To Shiny Braixen


Ready to upgrade from your adorable Shiny Fennekin?

Time to get yourself a Braixen!

It takes 25 Candy to evolve Shiny Fennekin.


If you have enough select it and your Pokemon should change.

How To Evolve Shiny Braixen To Shiny Delphox

Want to take it a step further?

Now to turn your Braixen into Delphox.


Just like the earlier evolution, all you need to do is select evolve and give it 100 Candy.