Pokemon GO Shiny Cryogonal Guide: How To Catch Shiny Cryogonal

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Looking to catch a Cryogonal?

You're in luck, we'll show you how.


It's an ice Pokemon type.

Meaning it's great to put up against flying, ground, grass and dragon types.

Anyway, let's get you one!

Keep reading to find out how to add Cryogonal to your Pokedex.


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Shiny Cryogonal Guide

Where To Find Shiny Cryogonal

Shiny Cryogonal can be found in the wild, snowy weather will mean you'll see it more often.


They can be found in Research Encounters and Raids as well.

During the holiday event, you may see it a little more than usual.

This is because they're an ice type Pokemon and they're appearing more frequently during the event.

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