Pokemon GO Regirock: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Regirock Any Good?

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Regirock has arrived in raids along with its counterparts in Pokemon GO once again, and plenty of new players have the chance to catch the legendary for themselves.

Though not as useful as Registeel in a Pokemon GO PVP team, Regirock is still a formidable option in most Battle leagues. Much of the viability of the golems in Pokemon GO comes down to the base stats of the Pokemon, which are incredibly tanky without many other counterparts. Plus, the available moves make Regirock a threat.


When choosing a Fast Attack on Regirock, the best option is Lock On. The Lock On fast attack has the lowest damage of any other options for the golems in Pokemon GO. However, it has an incredibly high energy per second gain, which is nearly triple the other attack options. That means three times the amount of charge attacks.

For the Charge Attack, the priority move on Regirock is Stone Edge. The move utilizes the same type bonus and it's a highly effective nuke with a charge time that rivals other options. Stone Edge can easily take out threats in most of the Pokemon GO Battle Leagues.

If players have enough Regirock candy, they can get a second Charge Attack, which should be Focus Blast. This is a coverage attack that can serve as a second nuke and charges relatively quickly with Lock On.

Is Regirock a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

In short, Regirock may not be as dominant as Registeel but it is still a fantastic option with the right team composition.


Regirock has the potential to take hits and take out threats with counter types in the Great League as well as the Ultra League. All three of the golems have a place in PVP to some degree in Pokemon GO.