Pokemon GO Regice: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Regice Any Good?

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Regice is the weakest of the three legendary golems, and yet it can still make a huge impact in Pokemon GO PVP battles. That is thanks to effective typing and some worthwhile base stats to utilize.

Players in Pokemon GO can expect Regice to have its own raid hour this coming week on June 16. It's a perfect time to get one for players that don't already have the Ice-type golem. Once one is in possession though, it needs the right moveset in Pokemon GO.


When choosing a Fast Attack for Regice, Lock On is by far the best option. Lock On is a fantastic move on all three of the legendary golems. At first glance, it seems worse due to it having little damage compared to other options. However, the energy per second gained is more than double anything else. That means double the Charge Attacks.

For the Charge Attack itself, players want to prioritize Blizzard. It's a nuke that has a ton of damage and utilizes the same typing bonus on Regice. It can take a while to charge, but it can also counter major threats in the Pokemon GO Battle League.

If players have enough Regice candy for a second Charge Attack, then Earthquake is a great option. Focus Blast is used on the other two golems, but Earthquake can offer more coverage against counters with a faster charge rate.

Is Regice a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Unlike Regirock and Registeel, Regice falls short in the Great League, which is a max of 1,500. It's not a terrible option, but it will be beaten out more often than not.


However, in the Ultra League and the Master League, Regice becomes a real problem. Legendary Pokemon and Dragon-types become increasingly strong in those leagues, and Regice will offer a counter type with a ton of base defense and hp in Pokemon GO.