Pokemon GO Pokemon Tagging Update: How Does It Work?

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Coming in December we have a bunch of new updates and features coming to Pokemon Go, but Tagging might just be one of the best quality of life improvements we've had in a while.

If you’re tired of having to search through hundreds of ‘mons for the one you need, Tags may be perfect for you.


They allow you to sift through your collection in moments – here's how it works.

When Does Pokemon Tagging Release?

The Pokemon Tagging update is here already as part of the big "Go Beyond" Update.


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How Does Tagging Work?

You'll be able to create different types of tags, with a colour and name option.

Say you create a killer lineup for Gym battles – you can tag all Pokemon in that party with a tag so you'll know how to find them. 


It could also be a handy indicator of Pokemon you've earmarked for sending to Pokemon Home, or for trades.

How To Tag

Tagging is a simple process.

Head into your Pokemon menu, and tap "Tags" in the top left corner.


From here, select "Create Tag", along with a name and colour.

Head into the newly created tag and tap in the bottom left to begin adding Pokemon to that category.