Pokemon GO Players Charged To Transfer Shiny And Legendaries to Pokemon HOME

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Pokemon GO players might not be too pleased to know they could be hit with a heavy energy cost after transferring shiny and legendary Pokemon.

This comes with a data mine of update 0.191.0.


The update hasn't even hit yet but fans are already up in arms.

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Pokemon HOME Transfer Charges

Players have been excitedly awaiting Pokemon HOME to go live.


As time goes on that excitement is dying down, especially as data mines reveal more information.

According to some code recently found for update 0.191.0, Pokemon's class will impact on their HOME transfer cost.

Meaning if the pokemon is legendary, mythical, etc or even a shiny they will vary in transfer costs.

So trainers wanting to move their Pokemon GO captures to HOME will be dishing out some energy.


As well as that it looks like transfers will also have cooldowns and the only way to speed up this process is with in-game purchases.

It seems that Pokemon is going a bit hardcore on monetary aspects to Pokemon HOME 

Not only do transfers cost and have a cooldown but it seems Pokemon HOME will also require a subscription to use.

Many fans believe that Pokemon has become greedy.


So far these features haven't been confirmed and no comment has been made.

Fingers crossed things arent as bleak as they seem!