Pokemon GO Plans To Remove Or Change Pandemic Related Bonuses

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As countries around the world prepare for fewer restrictions, Pokemon GO has announced some plans of their own to remove or change rules that were implemented due to the pandemic.

In a new blog post on the Pokemon GO Live site, the update is being labeled as an Exploration Bonus Update. The idea is to roll back changes that were made last year to accommodate the pandemic, and encourage players to go outside and adventure more.

Considering the idea is to get players to move again, the changes have target items like incense and raid passes. Incense will no longer give players a bonus to spawns if they are stationary inside. They will need to move for players to get more Pokemon GO spawns.

Gyms will also be offering up two free raid passes per day as long as they are in person. The change will not apply to remote raid passes in Pokemon GO, which will remain store-bought or earned through special research.

Other changes include less frequent gifts from buddy Pokemon and decreased range on Gyms or Pokestops. Again, the idea is to push players to go outside and get the supplies they need.

Pokemon GO pandemic-related features that will remain the same

Most Pokemon GO players are likely concerned with two of the major pandemic-related features. Those are remote raids and the Pokemon GO Battle League respectively.

Luckily, Niantic has confirmed that those features will remain untouched and have proven to be a vital feature in the game now. Though there will be new exploration bonuses to move around, those two pillars have proven to be popular and engaging.

Niantic will roll changes out to Pokemon GO slowly, so everything won't roll back or change overnight. However, players should expect to explore more if they need more supplies.

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