Pokemon GO

24 Feb 2021

Pokémon Go: Niantic Abandons Revamp of PokéCoin Currency

Pokémon Go’s Halloween event is underway and while players participate in a range of activities, developer Niantic has also been busy.

After almost six months of tweaking, the developer has announced it has scrapped plans which would change how players earn PokéCoins.

Niantic Abandons Changes To PokeCoin System

Back in May, Australian players were the first to the trial the changes.

The changes removed some of the PokéCoins earned through control of gyms and replaced it with a range of tasks for successfully completing other activities within the game.

The intention of the change was to enable players different methods of earning PokéCoins.

This would’ve allowed players who weren’t near a gym to earn plenty of coins without the need to spend any real-world money.

The trial was expanded into Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan with players constantly providing feedback surrounding the new system.

While it appeared that the trial was going well, Niantic stated “PokéCoin-rewards test will be discontinued in all test countries (Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Taiwan)."

The statement posted on October 27th also confirmed that the rewards systems will return to the system already in place on November 5th.

Despite the test seemingly going to plan, it’s certainly interesting as to why Niantic has made a U-turn on the rewards system.

Niantic claims that the change is “based on Trainer feedback and collected data,” which makes its decision to go back to the current system a strange one.

As 2020 draws to a close, it will be interesting to see if Niantic has any other plans to test new methods which will allow players to earn PokéCoins.

Although the trial was unsuccessful, it’s great to see the developer continuing to interact with the community in order to provide a better playing experience.