Pokemon GO Mienshao: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Mienshao Any Good?

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Mienshao and Mienfoo both debuted with the arrival of the Season of Discovery in Pokemon GO. The method to get one is a bit different than usual though.

Mienfoo is the first form before Mienshao and is found by winning three out of five battles in a PVP series. However, encountering Mienfoo is random in PVP encounters, so players will have to hope for the best. With enough Mienfoo candy, which is 50, players can get their own Mienshao and start building a viable moveset.


When choosing a Fast Attack, Low Kick is the best option for Mienshao. On paper, Poison Jab does more damage and would typically be great for Fairy-type Pokemon, but Mienshao will lose to Fairy-types. Instead, Low Kick will utilize the Fighting-type, and it has a faster energy per second gain.

For the Charge Attack, Brick Break is the best primary as it is the only Fighting-type attack it has access to. It doesn't hit very hard, but it can be charged up fast and stacked to burn shields or deal some successive damage.

If players have enough Mienfoo candy, they can get a second Charge Attack on Mienshao. Stone Edge is a great option for a hard-hitting charge, especially because Grass Knot is the only option. However, if players feel they want a Water-type counter, Grass Knot is great.

Is Mienshao a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Mienshao is a Fighting-type Pokemon, and they tend to do pretty well in Pokemon GO. Great League is likely going to be the best option for Mienshao in Pokemon GO.


However, Mienshao doesn't offer up anything better than other Fighting-type Pokemon. It has some decent damage, but it's a glass cannon without great moves to back it up. It may be a fun Pokemon to have or use, but it won't be a meta-changer.