Pokemon GO May 2021 Community Day: Swablu Leaks, Start Dates, and more

Pokemon GO May 2021 Community Day is around the corner and speculation has already begun. Though the schedule of events for May was already released in Pokemon GO, which Pokemon would be featured for the Community Day was left absent.

However, players may already know which Pokemon will be featured. According to PokeMiners on Twitter, the Pokemon GO May 2021 Community Day Pokemon will be Swablu. In the leak, Swablu Community Day will go live on May 15, and it will feature all of the usual events that players have come to expect.

The name of the event ticket and questline has also supposedly been leaked already, and it may be called "Cotton-Winged Bird." It will be a questline that has four steps for players to complete, and it will likely cost 1 USD per usual.

In the files for the Swablu Community Day leak, there was also mention of Swablu photobombs and more Swablu Pokemon appearing in the wild. Those bonuses should be available from 11:00 am local time to 5:00 pm local time on May 15.

The surprise Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO for May 2021

Though it's not official, the Swablu Community Day leak seems to confirm another event in May as well. On the Pokemon GO blog for May, a surprise Mega Evolution is supposed to appear starting on May 15, 2021.

Of course, that is the same date as the leaked Community Day for Swablu in Pokemon GO. Players have speculated that means Altaria is the surprise Mega that will appear directly after Community Day has ended.

Players should check back for more details as official announcements come out about the Pokemon GO May 2021 Community Day.

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