Pokemon GO: How To Counter And Defeat Regirock

Regirock has returned to Pokemon GO along with the other members of the original Titan Trio. They are the first Legendary Pokemon to appear in raids for the Season of Discovery in Pokemon GO.

Each Legendary titan Pokemon has a name that resembles the typing, and of course, Regirock is the Rock-type of the group. Players will have a little over two weeks to take on the titan, along with appearances from Regice and Registeel. All three of them will be appearing in five-star raids from June 2 at 10 am local time to June 17 at 10 am local time.

Like any other five-star raid, players will want around five players in order to safely complete the raid before time runs out. Groups will vary due to player level and access to Pokemon, so five people is a good rule of thumb when finding random groups in Pokemon GO.

The best counters for the Regirock raid in Pokemon GO

Regirock is a pure Rock-type as the name suggests, and that means there are five types that the Legendary titan is vulnerable to. Those five are Grass, Fighting, Water, Steel, and Ground-types Pokemon.

Regirock Counters

  • Metagross - Bullet Punch (Fast Attack) + Meteor Mash (Charge Attack)
  • Garchomp - Mud Shot (Fast Attack) + Earthquake (Charge Attack)
  • Swampert - Water Gun (Fast Attack) + Hyrdo Cannon (Charge Attack)
  • Lucario - Counter (Fast Attack) + Aura Sphere (Charge Attack)
  • Groudon - Mud Shot (Fast Attack) + Earthquake (Charge Attack)
  • Breloom - Counter (Fast Attack) + Grass Knot (Charge Attack)

Once the Regirock raid is complete, players will be rewarded with a certain number of Premier balls based on performance or if friends were in the raid. Make sure to throw curve balls, use berries, and hit great throws in order to maximize the chance of catching Regirock.

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