Pokemon GO: How To Catch Shiny Smeargle

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The New Pokemon Snap Celebration begins in Pokemon GO on April 29, and shiny Smeargle will appear as part of the festivities.

Smeargle will appear in the same manner that it always does during Pokemon GO events. Players need to take a snapshot and then Smeargle will have a chance to appear. During the New Pokemon Snap event, Smeargle will be appearing in the game more than usual, so players should take advantage of the opportunity.

Shiny Smeargle will also be making a debut in Pokemon GO for the new event, and any time one appears, players will have the chance to encounter a shiny. The challenge is that Smeargle or shiny Smeargle will only appear when taking snapshots. On top of that, players can only encounter Smeargle about five times per day when it is live.

Players should make sure to reach their daily encounter limit with Smeargle during the New Pokemon Snap celebration. There are about four days of the celebration, so players will essentially have 20 Smeargle encounters. Getting a shiny one will be incredibly rare. But even if players don't catch a shiny Smeargle, it will return to Pokemon GO in future events.

Smeargle and New Pokemon Snap Celebration in Pokemon GO

The New Pokemon Snap Celebration begins on April 29 at 10:00 am local time, and ends on May 2 at 8:00 pm local time. New Pokemon Snap releases on April 30, and the celebration is in collaboration with the game.

On top of shiny Smeargle, other Pokemon will be appearing which are inspired by the landscapes of the Lental region. That includes underwater, desert, and jungle-based Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Players in Pokemon GO should complete the event research while they can, and hope for a shiny Smeargle.

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