Pokemon GO: How To Catch Mienfoo

Season 8 of the Pokemon GO Battle League is around the corner, and rewards that include Mienfoo have already been announced. As the Martial Arts Pokemon, It's fitting that Mienfoo would make a debut through the Battle League.

Most Pokemon when they debut in Pokemon GO either appear in raids or simply within the wild. It gives most players easy access to the new Pokemon. Mienfoo on the other hand seems as if it may spend some time as a Pokemon GO Battle League rewards first.

When players rank up in the Battle League, a new tier of rewards is reached. At Rank 5, Mienfoo will become a part of the reward pool of Pokemon. Players can continue ranking up and Mienfoo will remain in the reward pool. However, players need to win at least 3 out of 5 battles in a set in order to have the chance for a Mienfoo encounter.

There are no exact details on Mienfoo yet, and it's possible the Pokemon will appear in the wild, but confirmation remains to be seen.

Is Mienshao available with Mienfoo in Pokemon GO?

When Mienfoo becomes available in the Pokemon GO Battle League for Season 8. players will have a chance to evolve it as well. The only requirement is to get enough candy.

Players won't be able to catch Mienshao on its own through encounters, but Mienfoo can be caught numerous times. In total, players will need 50 Mienfoo candy in order to evolve. Pinap Berries are the best method to earning candy fast, especially since Pokemon can't escape from reward encounters in Pokemon GO.

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