Pokemon GO: How To Access The Special Weekend Event

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The Special Weekend event in Pokemon GO begins on Saturday, May 29. However, it's not open to everyone and the process to participate can be more of a pain than usual.

Pokemon GO's Special Weekend requires players to get a ticket for the event, but it can't be purchased like a typical event ticket. Instead, tickets are part of a promotion that has three separate ways to gain access.


For many players, the easiest way to get a Special Weekend ticket in Pokemon GO, will be through Verizon. If players head to the promotions section of Verizon, a Pokemon GO section will be available to claim. But only Verizon customers can claim tickets, which means an account is required.

Two other options are from 7-Eleven Mexico and Yoshinoya, which are stores that are found in Mexico and Japan. Promotions may be over in some places, but they are region locked regardless.

If players are able to claim a promotion code for the Pokemon GO Special Weekend from one of the three methods, the code must then be redeemed. Codes can be redeemed at the Pokemon GO Offer Redemption website.

Pokemon GO Special Weekend details

Any players who are able to begin the Special Weekend event in Pokemon GO can begin on May 29, at 11 am local time and the event will end at 5 pm local time.


Players can expect certain Pokemon to appear through incense during that time. These include Clefairy, Sableye, Stunky, Spritzee, Swirlix, and more. On top of the Pokemon, there will be event-exclusive research and bonuses such as double XP for ticket holders in the Special Weekend.