Niantic Announces Pokemon GO Fest 2021Dates

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Another year, another Pokemon GO Fest, but Pokemon GO Fest 2021 is special.

2021 marks the game’s fifth anniversary, and while Niantic is keeping its Pokemon cards close to its chest, we can guess at a few things we’ll likely see during the event’s two-day run time.


In celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary, Niantic already held a global Kanto event hearkening back to the original Pokemon Red and Green versions.

Naturally, Niantic won’t be rehashing what they’ve already done, but expect plenty of references to the days of Pokemon gone by.

Pokemon GO Fest is a global event again and will kick off in July.

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When is Pokemon GO Fest 2021?

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 starts July 17 and runs through July 18.

Where is Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Being Held?

This year’s event is a global one, so it won’t be held in one central location as Niantic had done in previous years.


Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Events

The previous year’s event introduced several Team GO Rocket challenges, a new multiplayer mode, and a special Victini event.

Niantic is promising more information in the coming weeks, but again, with the series’ 25th anniversary being this year, it’s probably good to expect several Gen I-themed events and perhaps even a chance at catching Kanto legendaries such as Mew.

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[Source: Niantic]