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Pokemon GO Deoxys (Defense): Best Moveset For PVP - Is Deoxys Any Good?

Deoxys is one of the few Legendary Pokemon that can be used in the Pokemon GO Great League due to the CP cap. With the return of Defense Forme Deoxys in Pokemon GO raids, players are guaranteed to encounter it more in PVP.

For anyone that has a Defense Forme Deoxys, choosing an effective moveset is important for success in the Great League. A Deoxys with a powerful moveset can be the difference between loss and victory.

Deoxys Defense Forme Moveset

When choosing the Fast Attack, Counter is the best option for Defense Forme Deoxys. Zen Headbutt is the only other option, and the stats are very similar. However, the Counter Fast Attack has the better DPS and nearly the same energy per second gained. Fighting-type damage also gives the move some versatility.

For the Charge Attack, Psycho Boost is the priority option. It has a quick charge time and it also utilizes the same type attack bonus with Psychic-typing. It has less DPS overall, but is the best option on the list.

If players have enough Dexoys candy, then Thunderbolt is a great second Charge Attack option. It serves as a coverage nuke that doesn't require a legacy move like Zap Cannon. Rock Slide can be swapped out if need be.

Is Defense Forme Deoxys any good in Pokemon GO PVP battles?


Deoxys in the Defense Forme excels in the Great League, which is the 1,500 CP maximum league. Along with Registeel, Deoxys is one of the few Legendary Pokemon that can consistently make the cut-off for CP.

With XL candy, Deoxys in Defense Forme can also prove to be a great choice in the Pokemon GO Ultra League. Needless to say, Deoxys in Defense Forme is absolutely a Pokemon that any PVP player needs to have on standby.