Pokemon GO: Defense Forme Deoxys Raid Counters Guide

All the events for July 2021 in Pokemon GO have been detailed, and Defense Forme Deoxys is the next Pokemon to appear in five-star raids.

Defense Forme Deoxys is the first Mythic Pokemon to appear in raids in a while, and it's been even longer since Deoxys appeared at all. Starting On July 1, players will have the chance to catch one for the first time or battle the Mythical yet again.

Players will have just over two weeks to take on Defense Forme Deoxys in Pokemon GO. It will appear in raids from July 1 at 8 pm local time to July 16 at 8 pm local time. Deoxys was also confirmed to be the raid hour Pokemon for the next two weeks in the game.

As with any other five-star raid in Pokemon GO, players will want a solid team before they enter the stadium. That means having at least five other players as a rule of thumb. Coordinated groups with higher levels can get away with fewer players. Many players will be raiding through random groups though, so make sure there are at least five.


The best counters for the Defense Forme Deoxys Raid in Pokemon GO

The Mythical Deoxys is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon that gives fewer damage options overall but narrows down the damage choices for raid teams, like Ghost -types.

Defense Forme Deoxys counters

  • Gengar - Lick (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Chandelure - Hex (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Darkrai - Snarl (Fast Attack) + Dark Pulse (Charge Attack)
  • Absol - Snarl (Fast Attack) + Payback (Charge Attack)
  • Giratina - Shadow Claw (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Weavile - Feint Attack (Fast Attack) + Foul Play (Charge Attack)

When players complete the raid, they will be rewarded with Premier Balls based on performance. Using berries and throwing great curveballs will increase the chance of catching Deoxys at the end.