Pokemon GO: Bidoof Cup And Bidoof Day Details

Bidoof Breakout is a Pokemon GO event that has been well underway, but the festivities will reach new heights with a Bidoof Day and a Bidoof Cup.

The Bidoof Day will take place along with the Bidoof Cup on July 1, 2021. Players can expect the full day-long event to take place from 10 am local time to 8 pm local time. This day more than any other during the Bidoof Breakout will be full of Bidoof.

All of the same bonuses or rules that have been a part of the Bidoof Breakout will still apply, among many more. Bidoof will reach a new height of spawn rates in Pokemon GO, and players won't be able to look past them on the day of. Even one-star, three-star, and five-star raids will all contain Bidoof.

During Bidoof Day, Team Go Rocket Grunts will also have Shadow Bidoof with them, which is perfect for the Bidoof Cup. Any Bidoof that is caught will know Superpower, but a normal Charged TM can be used during July 1 to acquire any of the new moves from the event. Those include Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, or Thunderbolt.

If players are sick of Bidoof, there is at least a 4x catch XP bonus that will run the entire day.

Bidoof Cup details in Pokemon GO

While Bidoof Day is live on July 1, the Bidoof Cup will also be available. The rules are fairly simple: players can only use Bidoof.

That means Pokemon GO battle players will have teams of Bidoof only, and of course some moves will dominate. However, the Team GO Rocket Grunts and Charge TMs will allow players to obtain almost any kind of Bidoof. The normal Cups will still be available in the Pokemon GO Battle League for anyone who doesn't want to battle in the Bidoof Cup.

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