Pokemon GO Bidoof Breakout Event: Everything Players Need To Know

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An entire Pokemon GO event is being dedicated to Bidoof this month, which will be called the Bidoof Breakout event. Players can expect almost a week full of Bidoof based activities in the game.

Bidoof Breakout in Pokemon GO will begin on June 25 at 10 am local time and will end on July 1 at 8 pm local time. The entire theme of the event is based around Bidoof and Bibarel, and some unique characteristics for the Pokemon will be available during the event.

First and foremost, lucky players will encounter a shiny Bidoof during the Bidoof Breakout event. Unlike other parts of the event, the shiny Bidoof will be available after the event as well, but players who want one should make sure to participate while they can.

As the event goes on, there will be different Bidoof bonuses, and the spawn rate will increase. By the end of the event, there is sure to be limitless Bidoof spawns, and a perfect opportunity for a shiny.

Bidoof will have new moves during the Pokemon GO Bidoof Breakout event

On separate days of the event, any Bidoof that is in the wild will have a chance to learn a move that it usually can't. Before the event ends on July 1, there will be a chance to teach Bidoof any of the moves with a Charged TM. Afterwards, an Elite Charged TM will be required.

Bidoof Breakout exclusive moves, times, and bonuses:

  • Shadow Ball: June 25, 10 am - June 26, 11:59 pm local time, 2x Catch XP
  • Thunderbolt: June 27, 12 am - June 28, 11:59 pm local time, 3x Catch XP
  • Ice Beam: June 29, 12 am - June 30, 11:59 pm local time, 4x Catch XP

Evolving Bidoof at any time during the event will also give players a Bibarel that has a Hyberbeam Charge Attack. Players should save their Bidoof if they want to keep the unique moves after the Bidoof Breakout.

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