Pokemon GO finally allows players to see which Pokemon hatch from Eggs

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Eggs in Pokemon GO will finally come with a list of Pokemon that could potentially hatch after a quick update was implemented today. The long-awaited feature is finally available for all players.

Last month, Pokemon GO implemented the Egg update for a select amount of players. The goal was to test the new feature before making any major changes to the game, or implementing the change. After weeks of the Egg feature being available for some, every trainer in Pokemon GO can finally simply look at the Egg in their inventory to see what Pokemon may hatch.


The new Egg list feature isn't the first one of its kind in Pokemon GO. For anyone that plays PvP battles in the Pokemon GO League, the layout will be somewhat similar. As seasons change in the Pokemon GO League, players can check the rewards list to see which Pokemon will appear during a random encounter. And that list grows as players rank up.

How does the new Egg listing feature work in Pokemon GO?

A list for the available Pokemon to hatch in an Egg in Pokemon GO is fairly straightforward, but the layout may be confusing to some at first glance. Pokemon that can hatch from Eggs are separated by rarity on the list screen.

Just like the way raids are separated by rarity, the Eggs also go by level 1, level 3, and level 5 rarity. The symbol used for rarity is simply an Egg, or multiple Eggs depending on the rarity of the Pokemon.


Every category of Egg will have its own set of hatchable Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Generally, the more distance it takes to hatch, the rarer the possibilities are. 12 km Eggs are the highest and 2 km Eggs are the lowest. While 12 km Eggs are static for the most part, 2 km Eggs tend to have new Pokemon to hatch every week as new Pokemon GO events are released.

As the new update reaches players across Pokemon GO, keep in mind that any Eggs that were received before the update will not have the new feature. In order to see which Pokemon can hatch, players will need to get some new Eggs to incubate. That means plenty of walking for Pokemon GO players this week