Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary Event Brings A New Shiny

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New shiny Pokemon are fairly common for major events and players can expect a new addition for the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event.

Starting on July 6 at 10 am local time and ending on July 15 at 8 pm local time, the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event will go live around the world. There are plenty of great highlights and additions to look forward to, including a brand new shiny release.


For the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event, shiny Darumaka will make a debut in the game. With the evolution of Darumaka, that includes a shiny Darmanitan as well for players to add to their collection. However, getting a shiny Darumaka will not be guaranteed.

Like any other shiny Pokemon, the 5th Anniversary shiny Darumaka will be a product of chance for all players. There will be two ways for players to try and catch one; the first of which is finding as many Darumakas as possible in the wild.

Darumaka will also be appearing in one-star raids during the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event. It may give players a better chance for a shiny version along with other Pokemon in raids.

Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary shiny Meltan will appear

Though it's not a shiny debut like the one for Darumaka, Meltan has the chance to appear as a shiny version during the event.


Of course, Meltan won't simply appear in the wild. Players need to open Mystery Boxes while the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event is live. Within those, a shiny Meltan is possible but may be even rarer than the shiny Darumaka.