Pokémon Go Marks $5 billion In Revenue On Its 5th Anniversary

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Marking 5 years of players catching 'em all, Pokémon Go has plenty of reasons to celebrate, chief among them the game's lifetime earnings.

According to a report by Sensor Tower, the mobile sensation has reportedly secured a total revenue of $5 billion.


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Pokémon Go Marks $5 billion In Revenue On Its 5th Anniversary

After its inception in Summer 2016, the report estimates an average of $1 billion in earnings per year. 2021 alone represents an upwards growth in revenue from last year:

H1 2021 also represents Pokémon GO’s best ever start to a year, with revenue up 34 percent from H1 2020 and up 130 percent from H1 2017.

The top 3 countries for revenue generation are United States (36%), Japan (32%) followed by Germany (5.4%).


Google Play has raked in the largest sum of downloads (487 million), in contrast to the Apple Store (144.8 million).

Considering Pokémon Go requires a lot of outdoor movement to catch your Pikachus and Charizards, it is a surprise to see its upwards trajectory in growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Niantic has made sure to include stay-at-home mechanics; a strategy that has clearly paid off. Many of these functional improvements have coincided with Pokémon Go's Spotlight Hours and highly rewarding Field Research Break-Throughs.