Mega Slowbro Raid Counters Guide Pokemon GO

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The A Very Slow Discovery Pokemon GO event is now in full swing. If you're looking at beating up Mega Slowbro to gather up some energy for your own, you're going to need some help: it's no pushover. Here are the best Mega Slowbro counters to bring to the fight.

Mega Slowbro Raid Dates

Mega Slowbro will be available in mega raids throughout the A Very Slow Discovery event taking place between Jun. 8-13.


It isn't clear if Mega Slowbro will take a permanent spot in the Mega Raid roster after that, but the upcoming raid weekend event will make accumulating candy that much easier this time around.

Mega Slowbro Group Size

Mega raids are about as hard as Legendary five-star raids for the most part.

While you certainly won't be soloing one any time soon, groups of four or five high-level players should be able to clear it.

Group sizes could be reduced every so slightly with the right weather boost in effect, but if you're not communicating with the people in the lobby, expect to need around 7-8 players to get a reliable kill.

Mega Slowbro Raid Moveset

Mega Slowbro utilizes its dual Water/Psychic typing well, bringing a bunch of attacks that it'll boost with STAB.

These are:

  • Fast Moves
    • Water Gun
    • Confusion
  • Charged Moves
    • Water Pulse
    • Psychic
    • Ice Beam

Its potential movesets are a double-edged sword, though. While it will boost its own moves, none of them will really mean much to the main Mega Slowbro counters outside of one.

Mega Slowbro Counters

As a dual Water/Psychic Pokemon, Mega Slowbro can be easily countered by Electric, Dark, Grass and Ghost-type moves.

The strongest, Gengar, will take massive damage from its Psychic-type moves, but there are plenty more Pokemon that counter Mega Slowbro for you to use. Let's take a look:

Raid Team Choices

Rare: Zekrom

  • Best: Charge Beam, Wild Charge

Relatively new Legendary Pokemon Zekrom can really hold its own against Mega Slowbro. If you picked up a bunch of these, you're good to go.

Its powerful STAB-boosed Electric-type attacks will rip through the Water-type Mega Slowbro, while resisting things like Water Gun due to Zekrom's own Dragon typing.

Uncommon: Gyarados

  • Best: Bite, Crunch

Gyarados will obviously perform better when mega evolved, but a standard Gyarados with access to twin Dark-type moves will hit Mega Slowbro's weakness while resisting its Water-type attacks.

It's just too bad its high evolution cost makes it tricky for new players to accesss.

Common: Raikou

  • Best: Volt Switch, Wild Charge

Raikou has featured in events, research, and Team GO Rocket battles multiple times over the last few years, making it a fairly common sight on the battlefield. Its fast, powerful attacks will deal considerable damage to Mega Slowbro.

Honorable Mentions

Mega Gengar as seen in the Pokemon anime.

Gengar and its mega evolution can really bring the pain to Mega Slowbro, but it's unfortunatea Poison typing and low defense and HP means it won't last long against a Confusion/Psychic moveset.

Electrivire and Megnezone are two powerful Electric-type attacks to take into the fray. Like with Zekrom and Raikou, a mixture of Electric-type attacks including Wild Charge will go a long way in defeating Mega Slowbro while shaking off its own advances.


Giratina Origin forme and Darkrai and two more Pokemon that can exploit Mega Slowbro's weaknesses while stacking Legendary stats against it. Just ensure they're using the Dark/Ghost moves that complement their own typing.

Houndoom and Chandelure can be used to exploit Mega Slowbro's Dark/Ghost weaknesses. They'll resist Psychic-type attacks but quickly fall to Water-type attacks.