Is Cottonee Shiny In Pokemon GO: How To Find And Catch

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The new Pokemon GO event called Luminous Legends X will highlight the legendary Pokemon Xerneas. But there will also be other Pokemon arriving aside from the star of the event, including the Grass/Fairy-type Cottonee.

Cottonee will be featured in the Pokemon GO spotlight hour from 6-7 pm beginning today. But questions arise whether the dual-type Pokemon will have its Shiny variant in the game.

Well, we have the answer. So scroll through this article to know if Cottonee will be Shiny in Pokemon Go, and how you can find and catch the Pokemon.


Is Cottonee Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Cottonee won’t appear as a Shiny Pokemon in the game, unfortunately.

Players may only find the regular version of the Grass/Fairy-type upon exploring. Although the chances of encountering Cottonee will be boosted within the duration of Luminous Legends X, wherein players may look for Dragon and Fairy-type more frequently than usual.

Find and Catch Cottonee in Pokemon GO

Players may use either the Lure Module or Incense items. Both items increase the spawn rate of all Pokemon in the game, and with the ongoing Luminous Legends X event, chances of encountering Cottonee which is a Fairy-type will be boosted.

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