Pokemon GO Level Up Fast: Earn XP Quickly With Raids, Evolving and Friends

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Playing through Pokemon Go, you'll discover that raising your level is a vital way to get new Pokemon, items and abilities, so raising your level and gaining experience quickly is an essential way to improve yourself and your Pokemon team. We'll show you how to level up fast, to level 40 or even the new level cap of 50, in our Pokemon Go guide below.

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How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon GO

If you want to level up fast as possible in Pokemon Go, there's numerous tricks and tips you can use to boost the rate at which you get quick XP. We'll lay out how to grind XP below, as well as the best techniques to boost your overall leveling rate. We haven't accounted for Double XP weekends as part of this, so performing these actions on these special occasions will get you even more bang for your buck!

Lucky Eggs

These items will double any XP you earn for a limited time, so using them will ensure you can maximise your earnings!

Though be careful not to use them willy-nilly.

These eggs glitter like the XP they'll help you earn!


Doubling a couple of hundred XP for catching Pokemon isn’t going to be very useful, but completing Raids and other high rewarding activities will be much more lucrative.

Lucky Eggs can be earned as rewards for levelling up and completing challenges, or bought through the shop.

Battling in Raids

Specifically, you want to try and hit 5-Star Raids.

Sure you’ll need a few friends, but with Remote Raid Passes teaming up has never been easier!

Hitting 5-Star raids, and winning, will earn you 10,000 XP, which can be doubled to 20,000 XP with a Lucky Egg!

Evolving Easy Pokemon

Finally, a use for all those Pidgey!


Evolving can earn you 500 XP a go, which becomes 1000XP with a Lucky Egg!

Meet your new best friends!

Pidgey and a few other pokemon can level up with only 12 candy, so quickly farming these pokemon you can quickly rack up a few thousand XP in no time!

Friend XP

Now this isn’t fast in the traditional sense, but the XP you can earn from Friends can swamp the XP you earn from any other individual task.

It’s worth sending gifts every day to ensure you you level up your Friendship level and can work towards the XP bonuses.


Good Friend - 1 Day

  • 0 XP

Great Friend - 5 Days

  • 3,000 XP

Ultra Friend - 30 Days

  • 50,000 XP

Best Friend - 90 Days

  • 100,000 XP

Using a Lucky Egg will double the bonuses, so by ensuring you have multiple Ultra Friends at the 89-day mark, you can earn a lot of XP in a short period of time!