The Best Pokemon GO Deoxys Defense PVP Moveset

Already taken on the Deoxys Defense form raid boss and captured the rounded alien for yourself? Then you've got yourself a powerful Great League brawler, and we're going to go show how the best Pokémon GO Deoxys Defense PVP moveset to use as you climb the ladder.

Low CP isn't what you want to see at the end of most five-star raid battles, but Deoxys Defense is the outlier here. Its massive defensive stats and exceptionally low attack stats give it a CP range that makes it stand proud on the Pokémon GO Great League tier list. Get one, and you'll have a great time.

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Deoxys Defense PVP Moveset

Best Fast Move
Best Charged Move
Psycho Boost

Right now, Counter is the best Fast Attack for a Deoxys Defense PVP moveset. Zen Headbutt is the only other option - and the stats are very similar - however, the Counter Fast Attack has the better DPS and nearly the same energy per second gained. Fighting-type damage also gives Deoxys Defense a chance to deal super-effective damage against Rock, Ice, Steel, and Normal-type Pokémon to name a few.

For the Charge Attack, Psycho Boost is the priority option. It has a quick charge time and it also makes use of Deoxys' own typing to activate the handy STAB damage boost.

If players have enough Dexoys candy, then Thunderbolt is a great second Charge Attack option. It serves as a coverage nuke that doesn't require a legacy move like Zap Cannon. Rock Slide can be swapped out if need be.

Is Defense Forme Deoxys any good in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Deoxys in the Defense Forme excels in the Great League, which is the 1,500 CP maximum league. Along with Registeel, Deoxys is one of the few Legendary Pokemon that can consistently make the cut-off for CP.

With XL candy, Deoxys Defense can also prove to be a great choice in the Pokemon GO Ultra League. Needless to say, Deoxys Defense is a top-tier PVP Pokémon any should have on standby. It's bulky, making it great for soaking up Charged Attacks, baiting shields, and just being an overall nuscience.

And that's it for this Pokémon GO Deoxys Defense PVP for now. We'll update this with deep battle strategies over time, but for now, just follow the general idea above to put this legendary Pokémon to good use. For some more PVP-focused mobile games, check out the League of Pantheons tier list and Awaken: Chaos Era tier list as well.

An earlier version of this guide was written by Dan Wenerowicz.

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