Pokémon GO delays the release of the latest costumed Pikachu

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Costumed Pokémon are a regular occurrence in Pokémon GO these days, as evidenced by the multiple new releases as a part of the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Special Research this weekend. Players will be treated to the likes of Flygon and Gardevoir appearing in cute little hats as a part of the event, alongside the usual rare spawns and stacked raid boss lineup.

However, another costumed Pokémon was due to be released soon - and it's another Pikachu. We've just had a fifth-anniversary edition of everyone's favourite Electric-type rodent, but there's another costume on the horizon, and it's even cuter.

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Pokémon GO delays the release of the latest costumed Pikachu

Pikachu wearing an Okinawan kariyushi shirt was due to be released on July 22 as a part of an initiative to encourage people to travel to the Okinawa region of Japan and increase tourism after a tough 18 months for the industry.

However, the release of the special little guy has been delayed due to an increase in coronavirus cases in Japan. The Pokémon Air Adventures collaboration, as it was called, has been indefinitely postponed, and Niantic says it "will share more information once details are finalised."

Pikachu wearing a flowery shirt and Corsola dance happily over the crystal clear ocean.

Shiny Corsola was also due to be released with the event, but this has also been delayed. Corsola is a regional Pokémon that can only be caught in certain areas of the world, one of which is Okinawa and southern Japan.

Players will have to wait until Japan's coronavirus situation improves for the event to go ahead, so don't book any plane tickets just yet - even if you were planning on going to the Olympics.