Phasmophobia: How to Use Candles

A candle on the kitchen side in Phasmophobia.

A candle on the kitchen side in Phasmophobia.

If you're afraid of ghosts, then using a Candle or two while playing Phasmophobia is perhaps a good idea. Yet, this piece of equipment still remains underrated and underused by most players as the game takes Twitch and YouTube by storm. A Candle can help make hunting for the ghost that little bit easier at not that much of a cost.

In this guide, we've explained how to use the Candle and what it's good for as you commence with your contract.

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How to Use A Candle

The Phasmophobia Candle and how to place it is shown in the van.
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Players can use the Candle much like they'd use other pieces of equipment such as the Ghost Writing Book. As shown above, with the Candle equipped, it can then be placed upon any flat surface that it shows its transparent outline on.

However, for the Candle to work, it'll obviously need to be lit. Players will need to equip both the Candle and the Lighter, find where they want to place the Candle, left-click to light it and then place it down. After this, they can return to the van to put the lighter away and collect some more equipment.

We recommend placing multiple Candles at the beginning of a contract, or narrowing down where you think the ghost may be located, and placing one or two Candles in these areas to confirm. We delve more into the specific uses and benefits of using Candles below, so you can choose what purpose will best suit yourself and who you're playing with.

What Are Candles Good For

While the Candle won't help players work out which ghost they're facing, it can offer a few benefits to players which sometimes go overlooked. We've listed and explained these below:

Maintaining Your Sanity

When starting a paranormal investigation, it's rather understandable that the Sanity of ghost hunters might drop as they continue to witness ghostly events. It's important to monitor the Team Sanity from the van on occasion in order to keep everyone safe. One aspect of Phasmophobia that can cause Sanity to decrease gradually is spending too much time in the dark. Therefore, employing a Candle or two in certain areas to keep things light will help to maintain the Sanity of players so that they can keep ghost hunting.

Additionally, some ghost types really don't like forms of light and will be less likely to attack. For example, the Mare will be prevented from attacking (most of the time) if there are light sources nearby.

Helping Locate the Ghost

If a player has suspicions of where the ghost might be roaming, there are multiple pieces of equipment that can help confirm this. The Candle being one of them, and with a Video Camera set up or a door left open, the Candle can be watched from a safe distance too. If the Candle is blown out by the ghost, this essentially confirms that the ghost is likely wandering that room.

Completing an Optional Objective

When players start a new contract, there will often be four optional objectives displayed in the van that they can choose to ignore or try to complete. On a regular basis, these objectives will consist of witnessing a paranormal event or having a ghost blow a Candle out. With this in mind, it's always worth bringing a Candle along on a contract considering they're relatively cheap. By fulfilling optional objectives, players will earn more points and therefore more money for their work... provided that they make it out alive.

There you go! Now that you know how to use a Candle and what benefits it can serve, you'll be able to do even better as a paranormal investigator in Phasmophobia. While optional objectives aren't mandatory and your main goal is discovering the ghost type, completing these objectives is a great way to bag yourself some extra points and money. If you want to learn about earning even more money outside of your contract, we've got some handy guides on Bone Evidence and Dirty Water here.

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