PES 2021 Won't Feature A Demo, But You Can Play Now

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2021, or PES 2021, is not getting a demo this year according to an interview with RealSport.

This is because Konami is not releasing a full game, instead choosing to offer a "Season Update" to players.


Here's all we know about playing the game early in light of this news.

PES 2021 Won't Feature A Demo, But You Can Still Play Now

The easiest way to jump into this year's Pro Evolution title will be to download the "Lite" version of the current game.

Available on PS4 and Xbox One, this free download is pretty stacked with features.


There are only a certain number of clubs, although Juventus are represented exclusively, and you can also play online with players that have the full version.

It's a perfect chance to try out the game, especially since the gameplay of PES 2021 is likely to be largely unchanged given its nature as an update.

PES 2021 Release Date

Pro Evo's 2021 update lands on Tuesday 15 September, meaning it's just a few short weeks away.


The game will launch on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as Steam for PC players.