Persona 5 Strikers: Ango Natsume Rumor locations

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Persona 5 Strikers is a full-fledged sequel to the vanilla version of Persona 5, despite a change in developers and battle system. Your favorite members of The Phantom Thieves are the same lovable goofballs but there are some new baddies to take down in this brand-new tale. Strikers managed to find a good balance with their boss fight, using that chaotic Warriors action and mixing in some of that strategy Persona fans love to exploit.

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Persona 5 Strikers: Ango Natsume Rumor locations

Ango Natsune is another one of the bosses players fight in Strikers. He may look unassuming, but the fact that he’s a boss in a Persona 5 narrative means there’s something dark lurking there.

Joker and The Phantom Thieves will find themselves in the streets of Sendai when they decide to take down Ango Natsune. Strikers has a mechanic where the player has to find rumors in the city before taking down their target, which harkens back a bit to the clue-finding in Persona 4, so we’re sure fans will appreciate that.

Here’s how to find the Ango Natsune rumors:

  • While you’re by the entrance of Sendai Station, there will be a large group who reveals that Ango will be visiting there later. That won’t raise the Ango Natsune rumor bar but interacting with the ‘entranced woman’ NPC to the right after talking to the crowd will. Chatting with her raises the bar to 27%
  • Now, go to the Arcade Area in Sendai Station and talk to the ‘sceptical woman’ NPC. She will be wearing a shirt that’s black and white with jeans. Doing this will raise the rumor bar to 29%
  • Head to the General Store, which isn’t too far off from the ‘sceptical woman,’ where a number of people are outside. Interacting with the store will lead to a conversation with the store’s manager, which raises the rumor bar to 66%
  • Finally, go to the vending machine near the end of the area’s map where you’ll see a conversation between two NPCs named ‘bibliophile’ and ‘short-haired girl.’ Once this is finished, you can now meet with The Phantom Thieves and take down Ango Natsune.Make sure to stock up on items before starting since this will be a new area with tougher enemies. It shouldn’t take much to reach Ango Natsune, so good luck to you.

Persona 5 Strikers is now available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.