Persona 25th Anniversary Concert Scheduled For November

Persona is celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year. With this, game developers Atlus has already revealed several events taking place as part of the celebration, including the annual Persona orchestral concert.

The concert will take place this November 21, 2021, where viewers can get to experience musical performances from the game franchise itself. Though in the past, some surprises were done during the concert, such as announcements of new Persona games then.

Fingers crossed, this year they'll once again have something new to announce.

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New Persona Game Announcement?

One of the rumoured announcements that might happen in the orchestral concert would be a new game reveal. Atlus has been teasing a new project for a while and this concert seems like a good opportunity to reveal something.

So, there might be a possibility of a new Persona game announcement on the horizon, unless Atlas decide to hold fire until the Tokyo Game Show, where Atlus will be one of the presenters.

But again, nothing is set in stone and all we can do is wait for the time being. Make sure to follow us for more Persona news and updates.

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