How to Pre-Register for Peridot Right Now

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March 7, 2023: Peridot's release date has been announced for May 9, 2023!

Captivated by that teaser trailer yet struggling to work out how to pre-register for Peridot? That's seemingly by design. Though developers Niantic would probably like nothing more than to hit that multi-million Peridot pre-registration milestone just a day after the game's grand reveal, it's not going to happen given you can't yet pre-register for Peridot the usual way.

Announced out of the blue on April 13, Peridot - a new AR title seen as the company's own successor to Pokémon GO - is a whimsical original IP called filled with friendly fauna and fictional monsters deemed previously extinct.

After its landmark success with Pokémon GO and experiments with other IPs, Niantic is back working on its own since it debuted with Ingress back in 2014. Though we have nothing to add for that game, we do have guides for its latest title Pikmin Bloom. Check out the best Pikmin Bloom flowers to get started with that one.

How To Pre-Register for Peridot

For anyone eager to get all the up-to-date information on Peridot straight from the source, you can pre-register for Peridot now, right on their website.

All you need to do to be on the list is to click ‘pre-register to learn more’, and fill in your details. You’ll then get an email when the game is being released in your region, along with information on how and where to download it.

If, in the rare case that you get an error message when entering an email, try again in a different browser or on another device.

You can pre-register for Peridot using the official website.
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When Will Peridot Release?

For now, there is no official release date or even a window for Peridot’s release, due to it being such a new announcement. This is why we suggest pre-registering so that any new information comes directly to you.

What we do know is that Peridot will have a smaller launch at first, in limited areas - these remain unconfirmed for now. This will be to test the app and make sure it is working properly before opening it to a worldwide market.

What Is Peridot?

The recently announced game came as a surprise to Niantic’s fans and has introduced their latest project: Peridot.

Similar to Niantic’s other titles, Peridot will have you collecting and raising creatures, this time in completely new and original form instead of linked to an existing IP like Pikmin Bloom, or Pokemon GO.

Peridot is another augmented reality game, designed to be played while exploring the real world and tracking players’ walking to correlate with the game's features like exercising and breeding the Archetype creatures.


Niantic’s new offering goes deeper than their previous works, though, as this time collecting is not the only task given to you. The Peridots will require care, attention, and being raised into adulthood. Think of them like Tamagotchis, or mystical-looking Nintendogs.

For now, keep our Peridot codes page bookmarked. We'll be updating as soon as any come out. As for the rest of the game, click onto our main hub page via the blue link at the top of this one. We're working hard to cover what we can leading into launch.

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