Wildermyth: How to Heal Characters

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It’s easy to get injured while playing Wildermyth, as many characters will have to tank blows or get caught unawares by tricky opponents in combat; or even just fail to avoid a natural disaster. With that in mind, players may understandably want to know how to heal characters in Wildermyth, both in and out of combat. We’ll cover it below.

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How to Heal Characters in Wildermyth

The main way that characters are healed in Wildermyth is through time spent out of combat in the Overworld map. The rate at which they heal varies according to their age, as well as whatever it is that they’re doing in that time - doing nothing or working in a town is better, while patrolling or performing more physically-intense straining activities will result in more time needed to heal. You can see the healing on your character’s portrait on the left, it should be marked with a green glow and crosses as they recover health.

Wildermyth heal

Healing Characters in Combat

The other way to heal characters is with the Aid ability, or with Leaf weapons. Aid is exclusively learned by Warriors, with a chance to gain it each time they level up, but keep in mind that it doesn’t restore health permanently, only adds temporary hit points that can exceed their maximum HP, but disappear once that combat encounter is over. Leaf weapons, which you find out how to get here, are also able to grant the same kind of temporary hit points. When you inflict Stunt damage on an enemy, you gain 2 temporary hit points for the rest of that encounter.


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