Sackboy: A Big Adventure Has Been Spotted on SteamDB

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is reportedly next in line for a PC release after God of War, as a new listing recently emerged on SteamDB seemingly pointing to it. As spotted by Reddit user u/penguin6245, this discovery is backed by two major pieces of information.

Firstly, a specific branch within the game's depots is listed as "sumoqa", which is widely believed to be ""Sumo Digital Quality Assurance." Backing that up is the previous NVIDIA GeForce Now leak, which included Sackboy: A Big Adventure alongside several other PlayStation exclusives.

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Sackboy: A Big Adventure Has Been Spotted on SteamDB

Within the GeForce Now leak, Sackboy was listed as "Project Marmalade" and one of those SteamDB depots is titled "Marmalade Content." While a PC port remains officially unconfirmed, we'd say there's a strong chance Sony's preparing one, given their recent push into PC gaming.

Released as a PS5 launch title back in November 2020, Sackboy: A Big Adventure saw positive reviews at launch, winning a BAFTA Games Award back in April. Available on PS4 too, don't miss the Halloween update dropping later this week.

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