HTC Unveils The Vive Pro 2 And Vive Focus 3 At Vivecon 2021

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There's been heavy focus on the Oculus Quest 2 since launching last October, but Virtual Reality's competition is back in force. Between cheaper Oculus models and the high-end Valve Index, HTC made an early name for themselves in the middle ground with their Vive PC VR headset.

We've seen several updated headsets since and as part of the inaugural Vivecon 2021, HTC has just unveiled two additions to their line-up. Calling these the "Vive Pro 2" and "Vive Focus 3", these new headsets are targeting individuals and businesses respectively.

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HTC Unveils The Vive Pro 2 And Vive Focus 3 At Vivecon 2021

Like the previous mode, Vive Pro 2 is a PC headset designed for personal use and utilises a similar design, including an adjustable headband and built-in speakers. As for the specifications, Pro 2 contains 2448×2448 per-eye resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate and a 120 degree field of view (FOV).

For existing Vive owners, it'll support existing SteamVR and Vive peripherals too and the headset alone can be pre-ordered for £659, with a planned shipping date of June 3rd. If you're starting fresh, you'll need the full kit - which features two 2.0 base stations and the Vive wands - and that launches on August 4 for £1299.

As for Vive Focus 3, this is a standalone wireless headset aimed at the enterprise market. Utilising the same Qualcomm’s XR2 chip seen in the Quest 2, we've got 2448×2448 per-eye resolution, 120 degree FOV and a 90 Hz display. That comes with four-camera inside-out tracking and new controllers.

Though it's not intended for personal use, HTC confirmed it's purchasable for £1,060. Presently, they've not revealed if a future consumer version is planned, though given Quest 2's success, we'd be surprised if there isn't.