xQc Says Overwatch 2 Is The Same Game As Overwatch 1

While xQc was streaming, a viewer mentioned a new Overwatch 2 video. xQc, a former top Overwatch pro, was eager to learn more about the game. He went to the newest clip and was shocked at what he saw.

Overwatch 2 doesn't look or play very differently than Overwatch. In fact, it just looks like a polished version of the original. In truth, xQc was pretty tame for this game and chose not to be too harsh, but it was hard to ignore the comments.

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Overwatch 2 Clips

xQc watched the video, and it received 574 likes to 729 dislikes. The dislike to like ratio of that video is 745 likes to 2k dislikes at the time of writing. It's pretty clear where this is going.

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In the comments, many players thought this was an expansion rather than a sequel. Overwatch 2 has a new HUD, which alters how players perceive information from their screens. However, there are a lot more expectations for a sequel than for an expansion.

Angry comments and disliking videos are the only ways fans can express their feelings about games or potential upgrades. The comments are angry that Blizzard-Activision stopped giving updates to this game just to make a sequel. It is important to wait for the game to be released before deciding if the sequel was a good idea.

Fortnite took a different approach by upgrading its own game and then offering cosmetic incentives. At the moment, it's clear which strategy is paying off, but this may change with the new game.

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