Pirate Ship Bastion Skin Now Available

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To celebrate the final tournament of the 2021 Overwatch League season, Blizzard has released a legendary Bastion skin which was inspired by a famous strategy used by players in-game.

“The idea came from a specific team composition featuring Bastion on payload maps called ‘pirate ship,’ where Bastion sits on the payload while the rest of the team protects him. We thought it would be fun to make Bastion an actual pirate ship!” The Blizzard team said.

The pirate ship-themed skin features a flag, hat, anchors, a steering wheel, and even a parrot that will sit on your shoulder.


The skin will only be available until the 30th of August.

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Pirate Ship Bastion Skin Now Available

The legendary skin is available through the Overwatch league by purchasing it with 200 Overwatch League tokens.


Players may earn these tokens by watching Overwatch League games through Battle.net or on YouTube.

Ensure all your accounts are linked via YouTube and Battle.net to ensure you are receiving progress to these tokens.

200 Tokens can be a long time to watch if you do not have any tokens saved up already, and you only have until August 30th to purchase the skin.

You can also purchase tokens from the store if you do not have time to watch the Overwatch League, or just wish to finish off the tokens before the event ends.

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