Overwatch Season 26 Start Date: When Does Season 25 End?

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Overwatch 2 might be a way away, but the original game just keeps on going.

Currently in its 25th season of competitive play, the game feels just as popular as ever.


Here's when you can expect to kick off season 26 and start climbing the rankings all over again.

Overwatch Season 25 End Date

Overwatch's current season kicked off on November 5, and included the likes of Winter Wonderland.


It's slated to end at 6 PM UK time on January 7.

Hardly likely to be remembered fondly, Season 25's main contribution to the game's meta has been "double shield" and an increased reliance on Brigitte – at least until she was nerfed.

Overwatch Season 26 End Date

Season 26 will begin as soon as the previous season ends – so get queuing from 6 PM onwards on January 7.


The big new addition this time around are Priority Passes, which let players identify a role that needs filling in order to get into a match quicker.

Players can opt for, say, a Support role and get earlier access by joining the "Flex Queue".

It's a great way to incentivise switching things up while also promoting balanced team composition for everyone.