Overwatch: How To Complete The New Kanezaka Challenges

Overwatch has been a hit among many different gamers over the years.

A lot of the community is still awaiting news on Overwatch 2, you can read more about that here. 

Before the New Year rolled around, Blizzard teased us with some concept images of the brand new map.

Now, Kanezeka has gone give within PTR, and there is a brand new set of challenges along the way.

They are specifically dedicated to Hanzo, and some of you are going to want to complete these fast.

Here's how to complete them all! 



Overwatch has posted a brand new YouTube video on their channel showcasing the mini-event in celebration of the new map.

Check it out below! 



These challenges are going to be exclusive for the new Kanezaka map and will be active from January 12th until January 25th, so around two weeks to complete them all.

All in all, the challenges are not difficult at all as they will require players to win multiple games.

Winning three games will net you the Pagoda Icon.

6 wins will reward you with the Yokai Spray.

Last but not least, nine wins will grant players the Kyogisha Hanzo Skin!

Best of luck. 


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