Overwatch Crossplay Beta: How To Turn Off Crossplay

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Overwatch recently added a cross-platform beta for all players, and while the experiment is ongoing, there's nothing wrong with sticking to your own platform's player pool.

Maybe the draw-distance on Switch is giving you a disadvantage, or maybe you just don't feel right dominating at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X. Whatever your reasoning, we get it.

Here's how to turn off crossplay in the beta.

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Overwatch Crossplay Beta: How To Turn Off Crossplay

If you've linked your console account to your Battle.net account for crossplay, don't worry - you won't have to cut the ties to play as normal.

Crossplay is automatically enabled when matchmaking, so you'll need to opt out before searching for a match. The option is in the menu for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox players.

PC players, you can't opt out - but you can jump into Ranked and take comfort in knowing that competitive play has no crossplay, so you don't find any console players there.

A word of warning, though - disabling crossplay is likely to drastically extend the time it takes to find a match, so be prepared for a queue if you turn off the option.

As for cross-progression, there's still no update on when our unlocked skins will be able to move from platform to platform - if ever.