Overwatch Cross-Play Is Now live

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Two weeks ago we heard from the Overwatch team that they had plans to introduce a cross-play feature for PC, PS4, PS5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch players.

The system has been in conversation for some time now, although players always had an issue where PC players could have the advantage due to the nature of mouse and keyboard players having a slight advantage.

The feature is still in beta form, however, it is available to all players starting today.

All console players on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch will need to create a battle.net account and link it to their console once they log in the next time regardless of if they want to play cross-platform or not.


Overwatch Cross-Play Is Now live

Players who may be worried about playing against PC players do not worry, as the only way a console player can be matched up against someone using a mouse and keyboard, is if they invite and play with a friend who is on that platform.

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Competitive modes will only have two options, the first is PC only just like it has been since launch, and the second is a mix between all consoles.

The implementation of this system will not have any effect on the current season as cross-play will not go live until season 29 and all current ranks will remain the same.

There is still no new information on Cross-progression, although now cross-play is now live we can expect progression to be the next system implemented during the coming months.

To find out more, check out the official post from Blizzard.