Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Event: When Does It End?

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It's now been five years since Overwatch launched and while Blizzard are slowly preparing for Overwatch 2, they never forget the original game's birthday. With each year offering a new celebration event, Blizzard tend to offer a range of new cosmetics, going from ordinary sprays to legendary cosmetic items.

Going live on May 18, this time around we've had Funky Baptiste, Black Cat Sombra and Venus Moira. They've also planned some new sprays and weekly challenge skins, which players can unlock by simply winning online matches.


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Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Event: When Does It End?

So, if you're planning to make the most of it, you might be wondering when it ends. Each Overwatch Anniversary event always lasts three weeks, and this year’s event is no different, meaning it'll end on June 8. So, you've got plenty of time to get these new items.

Elsewhere, Blizzard's recent live stream has just given us plenty of information regarding Overwatch 2. While teams are now being reduced to a 5v5 setup - a move which significantly affects Tanks - we've just had a look at five upcoming maps too.