Overwatch 2 Rumoured To See Q2 2022 Release

Overwatch 2 – the highly-anticipated sequel to Blizzard's renowned multiplayer FPS is rumoured to see a 2022 release, specifically in the year’s second quarter.

That's despite the barrage of lawsuits the company is facing at the moment, primarily about their own workplace culture. Reports of alleged sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination have reached a point that the company’s overall system being affected, especially with their ongoing and future projects.

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Overwatch 2 Over Lawsuits

Speaking to Dexerto, an Activision-Blizzard source mentioned:

“We’re more than aware we need to get it out. So the word is the dev team has been told to lock in the features the game has, get it fixed, and get it shipped. We’re looking to get it out before the Summer of 2022.”

But another statement gave a different direction towards their plans in the coming months. It reads:

“We’ve all been told that the aim is Q2 of next year. The timing of the release will factor in the league schedule because obviously, they don’t want to switch game versions in the middle of a season.”

Though there's no confirmed release date for the game, the gaming community's already been shown what could the game offer. Some features already revealed include the removal of the Assault role, while there will only be one Tank role for the game’s 5v5 matches.

You might want to check out the cinematic short for Overwatch 2 below:

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