Blizzard Reveal New Details On Five Upcoming Overwatch 2 Maps

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During yesterday's Overwatch 2 live stream, Blizzard offered a brand new look at several gameplay aspects. Confirming that PvP's being reduced to 5v5 matches - a move which reduces teams to one tank - we also got a look at the new maps fans can expect.

Notably, Overwatch 2's introducing a new map type called "Push". Featuring symmetrical designs with a robot at the centre, each team has a block the robot must push to the other side in a race to the finish. Only one team can move at a time, with progress being independent of each other. Here's what we know about these upcoming additions.

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Monte Carlo

Taking us to the world's most rich and famous, Overwatch 2 arrives in Monte Carlo with an escort map.


New York

Joining Blizzard World and Route 66, we're coming back to the USA once more through New York. This will be a hybrid map, which mixes elements of Assault and Escort maps.


Rio De Janeiro

We're finally making our way to Brazil in Overwatch 2, after Rio became a battlefield during the Omnic Crisis. Will a story mission has already been seen for Rio, this will also be an escort map.



Taking us to Canada for the first time, Toronto will be one of Overwatch 2's first push maps.



After introducing Rialto in 2018, Overwatch 2 sees us returning to Italy with a Rome Map. Much like Toronto, this will also be a push map