New D.Va Skin Concept For Winter Wonderland Floated By Overwatch Fan

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Skin concepts are often floated in games which provide fans multiple cosmetic choices, giving new looks to people's favourite characters. In Overwatch, this trend now continues with a new skin concept for D.Va.

As the annual Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch approaches, Dexerto has spotted yet another Christmas-themed skin concept for D.Va. Courtesy of u/amandazerepp on Reddit, they posted a reindeer-like skin for the character, alongside a sleigh designed for her mech.

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New D.Va Skin Concept For Winter Wonderland Shared By Overwatch Fan On Reddit

D.Va's nose was turned into a reindeer-like one, while her blasters were also reimagined as candy-canes guns. Some Christmas lights also surround her mech to establish a festive vibe. It garnered a bunch of comments from other fans, with some saying Blizzard should implement this.

Last month, a Winter Wonderland skin concept for Wrecking Ball was also shared on Reddit. As for the event itself, we're still waiting for the official announcement about it, so make sure to follow us for more Overwatch news and updates as it happens.

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