Blizzard Clarifies The Removal of OWL MVP Skins

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Blizzard have clarified the reason behind ceasing to release individual MVP skins within Overwatch going forward, stating that there'll be a focus on team achievements going forward.

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Blizzard Clarifies The Removal of OWL MVP Skins


Last year's MVP Byung-Sun “Fleta” Kim's skin was added to the game last month, and Blizzard quietly revealed that it would be the last one for the time being.

Speculation pointed to the controversy around Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won, who's own MVP skin was altered following allegations from an ex-girlfriend, being the reason for halting the tradition.

However, according to a reddit post from OWL Vice President Jon Spector, the reason is much more straight forward than that - Overwatch is a team game.

"We decided last year with the Overwatch development team that Fleta’s MVP skin would be the last one we’d commit to," he said in the post. "We wanted the flexibility to use the legendary OWL skins to celebrate team success."

The emphasis on full teams rather than individuals, could actually mean that there'll be more MVP - or MVT - skins in future, rather than less, something Spector eluded to elsewhere in the post, saying "We’ll actually have more OWL legendary skins in the game this year than ever before, and we’ll continue to work with the dev team on ways to spotlight the best OWL moments in the future."