Asmongold Confused By Blizzard's Overwatch Hero Rename Announcement

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McCree in Overwatch is getting a name change. This all started with Blizzard's newest controversy, and now the company is trying to show it is changing. Asmongold read out the company's tweet and said it was very transparent.

Asmongold disagrees with the way Blizzard handled this change. McCree's namesake isn't well known, so that Overwatch could have changed it quietly. The company making a big announcement is overdoing things, according to Asmongold.


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McCree name change in Overwatch

Since declining in popularity over the years, Overwatch has maintained a steady number of players. However, some fans of the game would leave if it was discovered Blizzard had named an outlaw hero after an employee who committed sexual misconduct. Yet, as Asmongold pointed out, it's a big leap to make an entire announcement over it.


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McCree's name should not be changed as an NPC, according to Asmongold. It would hurt the lore and canon, he believes. It's unlikely many people would agree and would stick to Asmongold's original argument that McCree, an outlaw, must constantly change his name.

As a result, Blizzard will no longer name characters after their employees, a practice that many didn't even realize took place in Overwatch. Nevertheless, it's good to see things changing. While I concur with Asmongold that it was a mistake for Blizzard to announce it, they should have managed it themselves.