Is Overwatch 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch?

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Image of Sojourn sliding while firing a gun in Overwatch.

The much-anticipated sequel to Blizzard's shooter Overwatch is almost here - but will it be coming to Nintendo Switch? If you're an owner of the console and want to know if you'll be able to get your hands on the game upon release, then look no further. We've got all the key details on the Overwatch 2 Nintendo Switch release.

In this Overwatch 2 guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch release. That ranges from when it's anticipated to come out, on top of whether all the constituent elements of the core game will release on the Switch version as well.


For even more on Overwatch 2, check out our details on the beta, which is currently ongoing. Some PS5 users are reporting login problems, but we've got the solution to that as well. We'll round off with a nice overview of all the new and returning maps in Overwatch 2.

Is Overwatch 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Overwatch 2 is expected to release on Nintendo Switch. The first iteration of Blizzard's wacky FPS game came to Nintendo's latest console back in 2019. Equally, Blizzard has confirmed that this sequel will also come out for Switch as well.

At the moment though, it's unclear exactly when the Overwatch 2 Nintendo Switch release date will be. While the game is definitely coming to the handheld-hybrid console, Blizzard has made it clear that it won't be a day-and-date release alongside the other platform versions. Therefore, Switch players won't be able to access it on the same day as their PC, PlayStation, or Xbox counterparts.


Blizzard announced back in 2019 that the Switch would be included for this sequel's release plans, but we haven't had too much additional information since then. The recent Overwatch 2 beta tests, happening in April 2022 and more recently June of this year, were accessible initially only on PC, before expanding to other consoles. As expected, Nintendo's console wasn't included as a playable platform.

Therefore, the Switch release date for Overwatch 2 is currently up in the air. Considering the game's launch on October 4 is technically just the start of 'early access', we imagine a full-fledged release won't be for a little while after. It's at that point, as it leaves early access, where the Switch port will likely come out.

Image of Tracer in Overwatch 2.

Can I Play Overwatch 2 Maps on the Original Switch Version?

Of course, even though Overwatch 2 won't be a day-one Switch game, you'll still be able to access the new maps and heroes. That's because the original Overwatch game will receive the new content as well, making the duology a very fluid experience with shared resources, maps, and players.


Therefore, you should theorically be able to access the new Overwatch 2 content within the original Overwatch on Switch. That's how it's meant to work on paper, but we'll have to wait and see how things go upon launch.

As such, the Overwatch 2 release on Nintendo Switch is a certainty, though its release date is much more speculative right now. Once we have the official line on its launch from Blizzard, we'll update this guide to let you know. Until then, feel free to check out our Overwatch 2 tier list to see how the characters rank based on the early access playtests.